Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bear with this

This is something different and it was lots of fun. Its great sketching and painting animals. I am beginning to love drawing animals. I was on this one off and on for about 3 hours. This painting was done for caricature thread in the drawingboard forum. I was not happy with this one but I want to put it here anyways.


  1. Hey Tenzin!

    No man, the caricature is cool! Thank you again for making a caricature of me!


  2. The bear ist excellent, very scary and 3 hours is very quick!

  3. Hey Bowie, I am glad you like it and thanks for stopping by.

    Patrick, Thanks so much for the kind words. I see lots of things still bothering me on this one which I hope to work on as time permits.

  4. TenDhonyoe, the bear is amazing, it has a 3D effect on it.

  5. Hey Tashi, Thanks so much for stopping by. Appreciated. Have a happy New year !!